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The Barn

  • Fully insulated with integrated ventilation system
  • Heated wash stall with hot and cold water
  • Heated tack room with kitchen facilities
  • Heated half bath in barn
  • Screened barn doors and windows to minimize flies
  • Recessed and caged lights for each stall
  • Separate feed room with storage area for individual supplements
  • Integrated Fire Alarm System

  • Timed Lighting System


The Stalls

  • Fully matted 12′ x 12′ stalls with individual lighting
  • Recessed and caged light fixtures and switches for each stall
  • Two electric outlets per stall
  • Individual water faucets for each stall
  • Two water buckets per stall
  • Hay rack for each stall
  • One screened window per stall (end stalls have 2 windows)

The Paddocks

  • Lush, oversized grass paddocks (minimum paddock size 1 acre!)

  • Three board Centaur fencing with electric

  • Water service to each paddock

  • Individual daily turnout provided  (weather/footing permitting)


The Indoor Arena

  • 80′ wide x 200′ long

  • Six sliding outside doors with separate dutch door inside

  • Skylights

  • Brightly lit and airy

  • Low dust footing – maintained and groomed regularly

  • The Outdoor Arena

  • 110′ wide x 220′ long

  • Gazebo/viewing area

  • Footing maintained/groomed regularly

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