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30 Lawrence Road

Lafayette, NJ  07848

(973) 809-6812

Welcome to KFK Performance Horses


      Our mission at KFK Performance Horses is to train, prepare and show each of our horses and clients to the highest level of their abilities. We accomplish this through a personalized program tailored to each horse and rider’s individual goals. The key to this program is a level of partnership – both between trainer and client and, more importantly, with your equine partner! We believe the first crucial step in creating and building upon this partnership is communication. From the initial inquiries and continuing throughout the training/lesson process, we welcome your questions and input. This is one of the reasons why we have developed this website – to better provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision as to your and your horses’ training. It is only through an open, honest and resourceful dialogue that we can successfully realize the goals we set.      


      In addition to our outstanding training and lesson programs we are most pleased to offer our clientele the finest in boarding and training amenities at our “home” facility – Aislinn Farm. Each horse receives hands-on daily care. As with our training programs, this care is personalized to each individuals needs. Horses in our care are carefully monitored ensuring the best feeding, turnout and general day-to-day maintenance that are crucial for your horses’ happiness, well being and success in his or her training program. Here again, we welcome input on any and all aspects of your horses care and believe these discussions only help to create a better environment for all involved.


Thank you for visiting with us and best wishes for a successful future!

Kate Fitzsimmons-Keller




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