"In her lessons, she provides her students with all the necessary tools and techniques needed in a common sense fashion, while at the same time making the hour with her a fun, positive and rewarding experience. It is so refreshing to find a trainer that is truly "all about me" - my goals, my achieving the same results, my rising to that level of partnership with my horse that is so rewarding. Kate represents to me the best of all worlds - a wonderful trainer, a tough and knowledgeable instructor, a positive and supportive coach, and most importantly, an open, honest and always approachable professional!"

- Testimonial by KFK Performance Horses Student

Boarding Fee:
$650.00 per month
(Includes use of all facilities, daily turnout, worming, feed 2x/day, hay 3x/day, blanketing, wraps, etc..)
(NJ Sales Tax - Add't'l $34/month)
Training Boarding Fee:

$850.00 per month
(quarter horses, paint horses meeting minimum show requirements)

Includes full boarding services above and 4-5 training sessions/week

(NJ Sales Tax - Add't'l $34/month)

Training Packages:
(non quarter horse/paint horse)
Please call for availability and pricing
Lesson Fees:
(private lessons only)
Horses in Training Board:

$50.00 per session

Haul in's or horses in training on part time basis:

$60.00 per session
KFK Owned Horse Lesson:

$75.00 per session
Day Fees at Horse Show: (accrued on the road or at show)
Multiple Clients/ Horses 3+):

$50.00 per day
(1 event)
(Each add'tl event $10.00)

Non Multiple (2-):

$60.00 per day

(1 event)
(Each add'tl event $10.00)

KFK Showing Fee:

$30.00 per class
Judging /
Clinic Services:

Please call
973-809-6812 for availability and fees

Sales Commission
10% of final sale price
Show Preparation:
Show Clipping:


Banding Mane:


Braiding Mane: